Saturday, June 17, 2006

How Big a Gun Do You Need?

Massad Ayoob answers this question in his latest article for Backwoods Home Magazine.

We Americans like to do things in a big way. Big houses. Big cars. Big boats. And, yes, big guns.

There are good arguments for all this, of course. The big house accommodates more guests. The same is true of large cars and boats, both of which are also more “crashworthy” if worse comes to worse. And anyone who has ever been faced with something large and dangerous at the muzzle end will tell you that a big gun is far more reassuring than a little one at such moments.

Mr. Ayoob's articles are always a good read. In this one he covers shotguns, rifles and pistols. Including personal experience and experiences from his family -- who I hear can shoot just as well as he can. He covers 12 gauge vs. 20 gauge, barrel lengths and of course the never ending caliber debate.



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