Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lazy July Sundays...

Here in Washington State we have been 'blessed' with a very warm summer so far. In addition to the heat this week has been extra busy around the my1911 compound with the early arrival of Jesse Gunnar, who was expected around the end of the month. Instead he put in his appearance on July 3rd. Today the rest of the family was off to the previously scheduled baby shower so I took advantage of the absence of inquisitive little fingers to clean my guns and watch some not so family friendly movies (ok, I started off with some honey-do projects first).

There just seems to be something right about watching The Patriot and cleaning your guns, especially less than a week after Independence Day. I finished off with a salmon dinner while watching Black Hawk Down.

These are the kinds of movies that the movie industry should be making, not this continuous stream of remakes of old films targeted towards baby boomers suffering a mid-life crisis. They remind us of the sacrifices that are needed in order for us to maintian our Liberty. We have a duty to those who have fallen not to forget their sacrifices and to continue to resist efforts to enslave the free.


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